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Motor Affective Cognitive Scaffolding for the iCub

Meeting 0

Kick-off meeting with the ANR representative.

Date & Location

2010/11/17 at ISIR (Paris)


  • ISIR: O. Sigaud, V. Padois, M. Khamassi, G. Sicard, S. Ivaldi
  • ENSTA: D. Filliat, N. Lyubova
  • INRIA: M. Lopes, PY. Oudeyer, O. Ly
  • ANR: Nadia Nadah


  • Lunch
  • Nadia Nadah: “Introductory words by ANR”
  • O. Sigaud: “Architecture and organization questions”
  • PY. Oudeyer: “Developmental constraints on active learning for the acquisition of motor skills in high-­dimensional robots”
  • O. Sigaud: “ISIR's scientific contribution”
  • D. Filliat: “ENSTA's scientific contribution”
  • Discussions

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